Hypno 2020

  • National Symposium on Clinical Hypnotherapy (NSCH)
  • November 2020

about hypno2020

The Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, Thrissur, Kerala, is organizing a National Symposium on Clinical Hypnotherapy in November 2020, at Thiruvananthapuram



know about hypnosis

Hypnosis has been known to mankind for time immemorial, but that it can be used as an effective therapeutic tool is not widely known or accepted, mainly due to lack of awareness. The treatment using hypnosis is known as hypnotherapy - a holistic approach involving body, mind and spirit, and totally devoid of medicines. There are many misconceptions regarding hypnotherapy, as hypnosis is viewed by many as a mystic phenomenon.

Hypnotherapy can be effectively used by psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, dentists, nurses, social workers, teachers and counsellors, and is recognized by the American Medical Association and British Medical Association and The National Cancer Institute, USA.